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I first came to see Doctors McCracken on the recommendation of a friend who is also a patient at In Motion Chiropractic. About 8 months previously, I had fallen while skiing and hurt my shoulder. Throughout the Spring and Summer I was unable to throw even a baseball without experiencing significant pain. I was resigned to the fact that it was going to require surgery to relieve the chronic pain.

On my first meeting, I didn't expect much, but figured it was my last, best shot to avoid the knife. Doctor Brian was optimistic - far more than I was - that he and Doctor Cassie could help. He was also very encouraging that I pursue the non-surgery route if at all possible.

The first visit was amazing. Doctor Brian demonstrated to me just how limited my range of motion had become. As I had compensated for this physical limitation, I managed to twist myself into an even tighter mess than I realized.

Over the next several weeks, Doctors Cassie and Brian provided therapy and exercises that gradually returned the mobility and the pain lessened.

It was when I was again able to throw a baseball with my son in the back yard that I realized just how much progress I'd made in a matter of weeks. I have since recommended In Motion Chiropractic to several friends. The Doctors' skill, competence and expert touch made it the best Chiropractic Office I've ever visited.

Pete H.

Lee, NH

I came to In Motion Chiropractic in the fall of 2008. Having suffered from headaches for 10 years, I had been to several different doctors and chiropractors to try to relieve the daily pain. My days sometimes revolved around when is the pain going to start, which pill am I going to take to get rid of it, and can I make it through the day? In the past I have had to cancel family gatherings, meetings, as well as playtime with my son due to having a headache.

In the first appointments with Dr. Cassie and Dr. Brian, I realized right away that their attention was on me. They walked me through each process step by step to eliminate any fear I may have had. Having an adjustment can be quite scary for someone that is meeting a new doctor for the first time. The appointment was not just about the adjustment or a "quick fix," we talked about ways to change my daily habits to help with relieving the pain.

Although I still have the occasional headache, the daily and sometimes debilitating ones have subsided. I highly recommend In Motion Chiropractic to anyone that is looking for that personal touch that has pain or is just looking to maintain their health.

Stacey L.

Dover, NH

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